Vector 1600w Electric Scooter, 48V, SLA Battery

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  • Wheel dimensions : 30cm, Width 8 cm
  • Wheelbase: 96 cm
  • Weight (without battery): 40 kg
  • Max. load: up to 120kg
  • Speed: 45 km/h.
  • Drive: 1600W motor , 4 x batteries 12V/12Ah .
  • Drive range: 25 km in ECO mode and 15 km in max power mode
  • Suspension: front and rear shock absorbers
  • Lighting: LED front and rear + brake lights
  • Age group : 12+ years
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    The Vector electric scooter is different. With a relatively low weight of just over 40 kg (including batteries) the scooter is very easy to be accepted everywhere. Whether on the bus, train, RV, boat there is a place for all your Vector scooter. The frame of the scooter is made of a super-strong, extremely rigid and very high quality tubular steel frame.

    The high-specification of this top-of-the range scooter is complemented by front and rear disc brakes, 12" pneumatic tyres, full swing arm suspension with 3” travel and dual rear shock absorbers.

    On the side of the scooter, a stator mounted so that the scooter can be conveniently placed anywhere without it falling over.

    In addition to the very comfortable seat of the scooter at the front and also on the rear axle is equipped with a total of three shock absorbers that absorb bumps and potholes, thus enabling a quiet and comfortable ride.

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    Foldable design!

    Another reason to consider our Vector scooter is the foldable design - that is, the handlebar can be folded by a very easy-to-use locking mechanism down to the footrest area.

    There, the steering rod is automatically locked and can therefore be used as a carrying handle.

    The scooter is unfolded and ready to drive with only a few simple steps and in just a few seconds.



1000W Electric power

It's also no slacker when it comes to performance either, being capable of up to 35kph and up to 25km per charge depending on load and terrain.The Power supply of the electric scooter is done via the 36V 12Ah lead acid battery.

Range (at max power.): up to 15 km

Range (in ECO mode): up to 25 km

The 1000W electric motor gives you plenty of power and torque for your daily ride



Digital dashboard

Our scooter is equipped with a very informative backlit digital dashboard

All information is easily visible even under low light conditions.

On the dashboard you can see actual speed, battery charge status, trip distance and many more


  • Package includes Adapter + rechargeable battery

  • Carton Size:: lenght 117 cm , height 33 cm , wide 46 cm

  • Seat Height (min / max): 76 cm / 90 cm from the ground

  • Handlebar height: 110 cm from the ground

  • Wheel dimensions : 26cm, Width 8 cm

  • Wheelbase: 96 cm

  • Weight (without battery): 40kg

  • Max. load: up to 120kg

  • Speed: 45km/h.

  • Drive: 1000W motor , 4 x batteries 12V/12Ah .

  • Charging time : 5-8 hours

  • Drive range: 25 km in ECO mode and 15 km in max power mode

  • Suspension: front and rear shock absorbers

  • Ground clearance: 13 cm

  • Lighting: LED front and rear + brake lights

  • Age group : 12+ years

More Information
Weight 30.0000
Instruction manual Yes
Dimensions - height (cm) 107
Dimensions - lenght (cm) 112
Box size - height (cm) 116
Box size - width (cm) 33
Box size - lenght (cm) 45
Seat width (cm) 28
Seat type Comfortable Leather Seat, adjustable height
Number of seats 1
Wheel diameter (cm) 30
Wheel type Alloy wheels
Power (W) 1600W
Voltmeter Yes
Battery type 4 x 12V 12Ah
Max. load (kg) 120
Max. tested load (kg) 120
Bodywork finish anticorrosive paint
Suspensions Yes
Smooth start Yes
Headlights Yes
Dashlights Yes
Backlights Yes
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