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10 best electric vehicles for kids

Before you rush to buy an electric car for kids, you should think for a while about the purpose of your purchase. What are you buying the toy car for, where will it be used and how many children will ride in it. There are several other points that you should pay attention to: engine power, weight, battery capacity, load capacity.

Have you looked at dozens of electric children's cars and still haven't decided on any of them? For all those undecided, we have prepared a list of 10 best electric vehicles to help you choose the best.

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Why Choose Beneo?



Beneoshop is a wide-ranging online store for kid's electric vehicles. Beneoshop has high-quality kids electric vehicles with full parental control. Beneoshop has the latest model electric car for kids and they're designed exactly as the replica of the original ones and they're licensed. Beneoshop has given more emphasis on designing the kids electric cars so that they feel like they're riding the original ones. Talking about the design, the exterior of the electric car for kids at Beneoshop is made up of high-quality plastic which is resistant to scratches. The wheels are high-quality EVA rubber wheels. They're strong and gives a comfortable ride to the kids on all-terrains. There are shock absorbers in the car which gives a smooth start and without any jerks which is very helpful for a small child. Due to such strong exterior, the kid's electric cars at Beneoshop are suitable to drive on all-roads be it at home or outdoors. Taking a look at the interiors of the electric car for kids at Beneoshop, we see that it is spacious for children to sit comfortably. Mostly, the seats are made up of leather and have seat belts that protect the child from falling. Certain big electric cars for kids are two-seater. Even though they're two-seater, it is spacious enough for both the children to have a comfortable ride. The kid's electric cars are equipped with the latest technology 2.4GHz remote control which gives full parental control so that kids are completely safe while driving outdoors. Well if that's not enough, it has all the features which keep the child's drive full of fun. Music player with MP3, USB and SD card input and front and rear LED lights. The electric car for kids at Beneoshop are available in the different brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, RSX, Volvo, Bentley, Toyota, Land Rover, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Jeep, Rider, Lexus, Offroad


At Beneoshop, we have Aprilia and BMW electric motorbikes for kids. The Aprilia electric motorbikes for kids are with steel fork and frame and wheels with suspension. These electric motorbikes make your child look like a real bike rider along with the extra support with the side wheels. The best part of these wheels is that they give a balance to the bike for younger children without compromising with the overall look. Available in 3 different colors, these electric motorbikes are everyone's favorite. It has high-quality materials and is equipped with a music system with MP#, USB, SD card inputs.

The BMW electric ride on a motorcycle for kids is licensed and has soft EVA wheels for a smooth ride. It has removable auxiliary wheels and metal frames which adds to the look of the electric motorcycle. The kid's electric motorcycle has a metal ignition key with a BMW logo which gives the feel of driving a real motorcycle. IT has sound effects, horn, and LED lights for the child's entertainment.


Beneoshop has the all-new electric ride-on quad ALLROAD for kids. The kid's electric quad has huge and soft EVA wheels which are the most important factor for driving on rough terrains. These electric quads come in three different colors and are equipped with music control, LED lights, MP3 players for a child's entertainment.


The go-kart pedal cars at Beneoshop comes under 2 licenses. Ford and Abarth. These go-karts have a modern ergonomic and sporty shape specifically designed for racing enthusiasts. Made up of light meta construction, plastic accessories and handbrakes ensure a comfortable ride.


The Riricar swing car is a child's best friend which comes with silent polyurethane wheels that protect your floors and have a better grip. With no batteries, engine or pedals ever needed they are now with new improved seat, wheels & steering wheel. For kids, Riricar is safe and ideal to use indoors or outdoors on any hard, smooth, and flat surface.


You'll find a variety of home and gastronomy products which make everyday life easier. Ranging from chocolate fountains to popcorn makers, they are available in various sizes each for different use and places like home as well as restaurants. Products such as a chocolate fountain, chocolate melting machines, popcorn maker, lemon squeezer, pizza maker , Cotton Candy maker, Snow Cone Makers, Cereal Dispenser, Waffle Makers, Beer Tap, Soup Kettle, Hot Chocolate Dispensers, Ice Cube Maker are designed in a way that works faster and with low noise so one can easily spend time with guests. These products can be kept at home or taken in a garden during a small party which helps in food preparation by saving a lot of time and human attention. The waffle maker, slushie maker are most helpful for the fast preparation of deserts. Not only these, but Beneoshop also has a soup maker and beer tap as well for making a great party. The Zevro food canister with dispenser for home is everyone's best friend for storing cereals or nuts.


The Hooride H1 electric scooter at Beneoshop is a foldable, portable electric scooter that is environment friendly that gives you a smooth and comfortable ride to your destination. You can carry it anywhere be it office, school or market and the foldable design makes it easy to park anywhere. It has LED lighting to see in dark conditions and LED display which shows Bluetooth connection, driving speed, charging level, and power mode. It is ergonomically designed for safe and easy braking. Hoobike foldable electric bike comes with Lithium-Ion UL Certified removable battery with disc brakes for a safe and smooth ride.

At Beneoshop, there are dino bikes for kids who are just about to learn cycling. They come in varieties of different colors and kid's favorite cartoon characters. They come in different sizes and designs. These Dino Bikes have side wheels supporting children as they learn to ride the bicycle. They come with a basket and a back seat so that their favorite toys may accompany them in their ride.


The Hooboard hoverboards at Beneoshop are the all-terrain, smart self-balancing hoverboards which is UL certified and come with LG battery. It is waterproof and dustproof. It also comes with a safety hologram certificate to ensure the safety of the rider. IT has different training modes for drivers with different driving skills. The hoverboards can be connected to mobile app for changing driving modes, for checking battery status, speed and distance covered, and map route. It has a carry bag included. All these features make Hooboards the best hoverboard for a rider.


The portable inflatable spa at Beneoshop is a combination of classic inflatable pools and luxurious jacuzzi as they give the advantages of both of these. This spa can be used in a home or garden during a small get-to-gather and are available in different sizes for 4 or 6 people. It comes with a built-in water heater and a self-inflating system. The inflatable spa comes with laminated PVC cover with aluminum foil to keep water temperature and its package includes a spa, cartridge filter, insulating pad, cover, and repair kit. All these comes under the chlorine free water treatment kit.

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