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  1. Electric Ride-on car Can-am Maverick One-seater with 4X4 drive, Black, Independent suspension, 2.4 Ghz remote control, 4 x 35W Motors, EVA wheels, Leather seat, MP3 player with USB/AUX input, Licensed
  2. Electric Ride-on car Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6, Single seater, black, 6 Wheels with independent suspension, Drive 2 x 45W Engines, 12V10AH Battery, Plastic wheels and seat, Remote control, Licensed
  3. Electric Ride-on Scooter Vespa GTS, teal, with auxiliary wheels, Licensed, 6V Battery, Leather seat, 30W Engine
  4. Electric Ride-on car Can-am Maverick, black, two-seater, front and rear suspension, 2.4 Ghz remote controller, portable battery, 4 x 35W Engines, EVA wheels, adjustable driver seat, MP3 player with USB/SD input, Licensed
    Regular Price €429.00 Special Price €399.00
  5. Electric Tractor WORKERS with trailer, green, Rear wheel drive, 12V battery, Plastic wheels, wide seat, 2.4 GHz Remote control, MP3 player with USB, LED Lights
    Regular Price €233.00 Special Price €169.00
  6. OFFROAD electric car with rear-wheel drive, black, 12V battery, High chassis, wide seat, Suspended axles, 2.4 GHz Remote control, MP3 player with USB, LED lights
    Regular Price €246.00 Special Price €166.00
  7. Electric Ride on Car Mercedes G New, Black, Original Licensed, Battery Powered, Opening Doors, Single Seat, 2x Engine, 12 V Battery, 2.4 Ghz remote control,Rear Suspension, Smooth start
    Regular Price €246.00 Special Price €179.00

Why Choose Beneo?


Electric cars for kids is a new modern way of entertainment for kids nowadays. We have a wide range of electric cars for kids in accordance to your liking and comfort. The quality of the product we provide is of high-end, be it be the plastic, seat, or its smooth start, everything will be of a branded quality. Keeping the comfort of your kid in mind we have spacious interiors as well. Soft Start / Smooth Acceleration When the accelerator pedal is pressed, the car starts to accelerate electronically smoothly to provide smooth acceleration thanks to the integrated accelerator.

Kids love an electric car as a gift for your special movements. We have a whole lot of options available according to your kid's choice and favorite color, for them, an electric toy ride-on car with their favorite color is like cheery on the cake. We also have a wide range of electric kid's car under your choice and budget. We always have a special offer and sale on the head.

Electric ride-on toys with 2 seats

Electric cars for kids with double leather seats, so that comfort and happiness are shared. Kids love cars and want to just drive them as much as they can, here comes the part which as parents you worry about. We ensure the safety provided by the product ensuring your kid's safety. Also to find the color variants in an electric car for a 10yr old to a 13-year-old kid is difficult, nothing to worry about we also have a variety of colors available with different styles and designs. Some brands to mentions for you to look up to are Audi car for kids, BMW electric cars for kids, Ford for kids, Mercedes for kids, RSX, Volvo, Bentley, Toyota, LandRover, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Jeep, Rider, Lexus, and Offroad.

BMW X6 M Electric Ride on Car

This nice two seater kids car is designed for rough and smooth surfaces as well. The car has astonishing details and realistic strong front and backlights. The new 2.4Ghz remote control ensures full control over the car for the parent as it can override the children's actions. It has an extended range. This remote control has a unique pairing key with the car so no other remotes will disturb your ride. The remote control has also an emergency brake button for stopping the car from parents at any time. The new remote control has a built-in speed setting. Don't wait, booking a ride for your kid is just a click away

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