How to change direction lever in your electric kids car? We will show you step by step!

In this article we would like to show you step by step how to change the direction lever in your electric kids car. To be able to change it, you will need tools such as a screwdriver, pliers a box where you can put the screws so you won´t lose any of them. Make sure you have enough light when changing the lever.

First lever we will change is the universal lever, most types of our electric kids car have theese kind of levers.

Step 1: Remove the windshield on the car

Step 2: Remove the screws from the dashboard

Step 3: To be able to pull out the dashboard you need to remove the steering wheel

Step 4: You have tu push and hold the clips on the side of the steering wheel and pull it out

Step 5: The steering case and rod are connected with a screw, remove the screw

Step 6: After that you will be able to remove the case and you can turn the dasboard around

Step 7: Unconnect the cables from the lever

Step 8: Turn the dasboard around and remove the screws that are holdinh the lever in place

Step 9: Push and hold the two sides of the lever and from the back pull it out

Step 10: Grab the new lever and push it back to it’s place

Step 11: Connect the cables to the lever

Step 12: With a screwdriver screw the screws in to the lever

Step 13: When putting back the dashboard back to it’s place make sure that the dashboard and the steering case goes trough the rod

Step 14: The screw needs to go trough the hole on the steering case and the steerinh rod

Step 15: Tighten the screw

Step 16: Push the clips on the side of the case and put the steering wheel back (You should hear a clicking sound)

Step 17: At last you have to screw in all the remaininh screws (when putting back the windshield, you know it is correctly placed when it clicks)