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  1. 10 best electric vehicles for kids

    10 best electric vehicles for kids

    Before you rush to buy an electric car for kids, you should think for a while about the purpose of your purchase. What are you buying the toy car for, where will it be used and how many children will ride in it. There are several other points that you should pay attention to: engine power, weight, battery capacity, load capacity.

    Have you looked at dozens of electric children's cars and still haven't decided on any of them? For all those undecided, we have prepared a list of 10 best electric vehicles to help you choose the best.

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  2. BeneoSpa inflatable Spa

    BeneoSpa inflatable Spa

     Enjoy your yard or garden from spring to autumn. You can place the mobile inflatable spa almost anywhere. It can replace the pool and whirlpool. You can buy inflatable spas from us at unbeatable prices and you will also appreciate their mobility.


    In the autumn, you can move the hot tub to the garage and use it there, for example, or create your own wellness center in the winter garden. There are no limits to imagination. BeneoSpa whirlpools have an inflatable and at the same time very durable construction. They are easy to install and quick to inflate in minutes. Simply fill the water with a garden hose.

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  3. Why us?

    Why us?

    Nowadays, there are already a lot of online shops where you can buy an electric car, so it can be difficult to decide from which seller to buy.

    One of the most important factors when choosing the right one is the quality of the product. As our company sells products with an original license, you are guaranteed to get the best quality of the car chassis, parts, and decorative ornaments on the car. Our electric cars are smaller versions of the original car. Therefore, if you have a car at home and you would like a smaller version for your little one, you have a really good chance of fulfilling this dream with us. This fact has already been confirmed by several thousand satisfied customers over the course of 10 years.

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  4. How to Achieve Long Battery Life

    How to Achieve Long Battery Life

    Sometimes customers call us because of a battery problem in their electric car. Especially in spring when its warmer outside and the kids can use again their favorite car. Finally you can pull the car out from the garage, or from the cellar and enjoy it, but the car is not starting. To save you time and prevent similar situations, we have written down some basic facts of how to care for the batteries. As some say, what you give, is what you get it - and it is also similar to battery care.

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